Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted last. Lots is happening…

My website has come along, although there is a new version of Indexhibit that has finally (after much anticipation and several extended deadlines) been released, and I look forward to upgrading my website extensively sometime over the next few months, when I can make the time.

Three weeks from today – on June 28th – I’ll be returning to New York. I haven’t really lived there for around a decade, and look forward to a more mature, considered existence in a much-loved city that is rapidly decaying being “revitalized.”

I’m hoping to land an internship with Public Allies New York, but no matter what happens, I know I’ll be spending time re-acquainting myself with the cultural life of the city – seeking out record stores, underground events, art shows, and other happenings – and hopefully spending some energy working toward positive social change in the city. 

P.S. I now realize that over the past five years or so, I’d fallen into a negative habit of regarding life in NYC as economically out-of-reach. Well, economically, things have only gotten tougher, but I’m a resourceful and intelligent person, and I refuse to write off life in the city that I love – the only place I can call home.

So fuck the hipsters. Fuck Williamsburg. Fuck gentrification, and the billionaire vampires of the real-estate industry. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m coming back!


2 Responses to “NYC”

  1. togetherwesing Says:

    nice. fuck gentrification is right. but i do love williamsburg.

    • akivamegatech Says:

      What do you like about it? I guess there are probably some cool venues, bookstores, and the like…it seems like it’s become a magnet for overprivileged white people who contribute little to nothing (and probably rarely venture out) to other part of the city, or even Brooklyn. Maybe I’m being an asshole but I do think the colonization of Williamsburg is not unreservedly a good thing. Who do you think was forced out to make way for the skinny jean crowd?

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